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It’s been a while. Gosh, I’ve been so used to blogging everyday that not being around for three days is like more than a week of not getting in touch here. I have to go to my ophthalmologist to have my lenses checked since I’ve had headaches the past few days. And what do you know, my eye grades have increased on both right and left and since I am far-sighted I need to always have two specs, one for going out and one specifically for reading.  My reading glass reads: +3.25 for my right eye and +2.50 and that measures 350 and 250, a low-end of moderate, whatever that means. Definitely I could see better from a distance but my vision is blurry when I don’t wear my specs.  I told the doctor I am in front of the computer everyday so she suggested  multi-coated lenses for me, way  more pricey than  normal lenses but would definitely protect my eyes from the glare of the computer screen.  It’s nice to be reading letters/words  so clearly at last.

I asked what differentiates an ordinary uncoated lens from something that is multi-coated? Does it have more advantages in the long run? Anti-reflective coatings eliminate glare and can improve the wearer’s vision at night. Scratch-resistant coatings reduce scratches to the lens over time, while anti-fog coatings prevent lenses from fogging up. Multi-coated lenses also allow more light to pass through them than other types. Let’s see how it goes when I get used to wearing this one. I didn’t have the frame changed though since  it is an original Polo frame which now costs the earth.

Oh well,as long as I can read better, who cares if it is an old frame or not? I don’t! 🙂


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