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Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.- Khalil Gibran

Humans that we are, sometimes we always ask “why me?”  or “why us?” And you would not be human enough if at some time in your life you haven’t gone through such a situation where your faith is tested, up to how far you can endure, up to how long you can stay unaffected by such pain that comes into it. They always say that time heals everything, that no matter how hard or how heavy the burden is, you are not alone. God allows  us to experience pain so we would know what joy really means.

Pain does not have to be a negative feeling in your heart. When you experience pain, all your half-hidden strength and courage come to the fore of your being. And slowly you learn to let go. You learn (for real) that life is not really perfect and it is in the imperfections that give it its meaning. You learn (again) that forever is sometimes just a word, a meaningless promise meant to be broken.  You learn that honesty is sometimes a twisted truth meant to hurt you.  If people would find the courage to communicate and listen (and I mean really listen well, the hidden meanings, the half-truth and half-lies), don’t you think this would be a better place to live in?


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