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What made our stay at Regina Rosarii RICA more wonderful, aside of course from being able to visit Our Lady and pray were the rows and rows of mahogany trees and the different varieties of flowers all over the place. A gardener that I am, I just could not resist taking shots of their lovely blooms and vegetable plots. I chanced upon one of their gardeners planting seedlings of red-tip  lettuce and asked him if they are easy to grow. The place is cool  enough for these green veggies to survive.

Ducks looking for food?

I was fascinated by  these  so I asked what they are and one of the assistants of the place told me they are Bubble flowers, and it is the only one in the place.

This hanging bridge reminds me of the one they have at Caleruega but this one is only about half the length of the hanging bridge there.

Oh, love birds…they are so colorful!

A single-petaled red Zinnia!

The name of these flowers escapes me, I used to have them  in our garden.

Another bright red Zinnia bloom!


I stayed here for quite a while watching the gardener dig the earth ready for planting.

Even the gardener doesn’t know the name of these lovely purple blooms.

I also used to have these red Impatiens in our garden but they are annual plants so they show their lovely blooms once a year.

And these hammocks invite one to take a rest and listen to the birds chirp and sing. It’s so peaceful around here.

Found these on my way to the comfort room, I was waiting for the peacock to spread its wings but it totally ignored me.

And these trio are called Bengala chickens. They’re lovely, aren’t they?

I wonder when I’ll be able to come back here but hubby promised me another drive when he comes home in a month.


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