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I am really, really sorry it took me so long to respond to this. I almost forgot it until I saw the comment made by Giancarlo.  Thank you Giancarlo for the nomination.  Thank you too for subscribing to my site. The thing is it took me a long time to complete my fifteen list of bloggers to nominate since some of the links in my blogroll are not at WordPress. I just thought you have to be a legitimate  WordPress blogger to earn this nomination.

And here are the rules for THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD:

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.                                                                                                                 
2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
3. Share 7 random things about yourself.
4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award pic on your blog post.

Seven Random Things  About Myself:

1. I am a Filipina who loves to write and dabble in photography.

2. I am a survivor. It’s the real reason why this blog exists because I am sharing my plight as a cancer survivor.

3. I love to eat green mangoes, sliced thinly with the skin on and dipped in fish sauce or sprinkled with salt.

4. I don’t drink milk.  Weird isn’t it but  my mom said I was breast-fed as a baby.

5. Though I love to write and take photographs, I think I am a gardener at heart. I love to feel the earth in my hands and take shots of all the blooms in our garden.

6. I collect books by Richard Paul Evans, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Robin Cook and Rosamunde Pilcher.  It’s an eclectic mix of reading genre.

7. Just like most bloggers, I also dream of being published someday,  and share my journey on how to cope with cancer.

And here are the bloggers I would like to nominate for this award:


2. As Kingfishers Catch Fire

3. Derdo’s Weblog

4. Here/Somewhere/Nowhere/Everywhere/There

5. Stumbling Along

6. Source of Inspiration

7. Fee bee’s photography

8. Exploratory Introspections

9. Happinessguru’s Blog

10. David Bigwood’s Photography

11. Bedell Photography

12. Caramelhugs

13. ArtSeblis

14. firstlighttosunrise

15. Going Dutch and Loving It


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