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It’s been raining since last night, no, make that, it’s been raining for the last two or three days and it makes me feel so lazy.  I was able to  go out for a while though in the nearby shopping  mall and was able to complete my Christmas purchases for the family and some close friends.  It’s quite late I know but at least, it’s all done.  The weather is so erratic and beastly. It’s cold at night, it rains during the day but sometimes the sun shows its face and it becomes so hot. News says that the Philippines is one of the countries most affected by climate change. I just  hope and I pray that we won’t be visited by those super strong typhoons that usually happen in December.  And it’s two more weeks before the most awaited event.

Finally finished reading  Miles To Go last night and I can’t wait for the third book which will be released in April.  Detours, learning curves, meeting  people  who somehow will play  big roles in one’s journey – it was all about being resilient and strong to face life’s hurdles.  Now, I truly believe that there is no coincidence in our lives because every people we meet on the road of life touches us and leave their marks. We may be traveling in opposite directions but we all have common goals, to reach our destinations.  I also visited my Booksale lady friend and they have lots of newly arrived books on display. As usual, first thing I looked for was another book by Rosamunde Pilcher . Don’t ask me, I found one entitled  Wild Mountain Thyme. They say that luck comes in threes and I found two more books, one by Anita Shreve called Light on Snow and a hardbound copy of Patricia Schonstein’s A Quilt of Dreams. These would last me until the end of the year….I guess!














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