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Good morning world!

I embrace you with joy today

I look forward  to this day

With smile and longing

Just being happy –

Watch me now!

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I’ve been getting lots of spam comments lately and the first thing I always do is to delete them permanently. I wonder if WordPress could do something about this, just delete them instead of queuing it to one’s spam comments. It is quite annoying to see them every time you open your dashboard to check the details of your blog.

I want an uncluttered look as much as possible and  no matter how a comment was splendidly worded but does not say much about the blog it intends to comment on but just write rubbish stuff completely not connected to the topic at hand, I just delete it. It is so obvious that these spam commenters don’t give a damn about what you write but just promote their site  through your blog. It’s really so annoying.


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