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Perhaps you’ve probably heard and read  several times that the Philippines celebrate the longest Christmas season. As soon as the BER months set in, be sure that you’ll hear Christmas carols played on the radio and not long after that, you’ll see Christmas decorations not only in each home but in department stores as well. And the celebration sometimes even extend to February the following year.

December comes with so much anticipation. It’s the happiest month of the year so far. We are finally done with putting up Christmas decor although it’s not as detailed as the one we had a year ago. For the first time, we haven’t put  up our seven-foot Christmas tree. I am looking for our smaller tree, about two feet long which I used to put atop the console table in our bedroom. I think it would look lovely in one corner of our side tables in the sala.

There is much more to Christmas than just the decor, the food we plan to prepare,  the parties we want to attend, new and old friends we want to meet. There is more than just the twinkling of Christmas lights at your neighbor’s house or the lovely Christmas lantern which you bought in Pampanga. Christmas is a season of hope reborn again, a season of peace and goodwill. The miracle of Christmas time brings us closer as a family and makes us even more aware that it is a very special season for the simple reason that Christ Child is born. Don’t you wish sometime that the season of cheer and joy would be yours throughout the year? Don’t you wish sometime that you would experience that lightness of heart in sharing what you have all year through?

I remember our conversation yesterday with my daughter, Nissa and her friend Marisse while we were watching and listening to the lovely and touching rites of Diaconate Ordination of our close friend. I told them that it’s like getting married too, with all the “I  Do’s” , only this time you’re not saying I do to promise to love and to serve your wife and husband but you are committing yourself to God. You say I do to remain celibate for the sake of the kingdom and in lifelong service to God and mankind. I love the part when the candidates prostrates themselves while the Litany of the Saints was being said.  And the Investiture with  Dalmatic, the presentation of the Book of the Gospels, the Kiss of Peace – the solemn and inspiring celebration itself, it was all so surreal.

Hello December!



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