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Books, books, books and more books!

That’s right, we are celebrating National Reading Day or Araw ng Pagbasa as declared by the Department of Education. It aims to promote reading and literacy among learners and motivate them to learn from the lives and works of eminent Filipinos.  Araw ng Pagbasa has become an annual advocacy to commemorate the birth of martyred senator Ninoy Aquino Jr.

I remember the times I introduced my kids to reading. Started on Nissa as early as one year old by buying sturdy picture books  that would help her identify objects. By the time she was in grade school, I gave books to her as gifts for Christmas, birthdays and any important occasion in her young life, same thing I did with my son Josef.  They have established their reading habits early and I noticed that my son was more inclined to read Science and Discovery books  and yes, those costly comic books that he collects until now. My daughter is into inspirational, chick lit, romances and even the latest craze nowadays, vampire stories. Anyway, the important thing is, they read and I appreciate it. Reading has somehow helped them in their studies .

When we are all at home, I sometimes laugh that we are in each individual corner reading a favorite book, if not, we are grouped together in the dining room watching a DVD or a favorite film on TV.

By the way, the sketch  you see above is a gift from a friend who loves to read, write  and has an excellent passion in drawing. She has now her own published e-book.  Here’s a toast to more reading and to more lovely books!


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