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This “hanging amihan” thing is carrying it too far, bringing intermittent rains the whole day making the atmosphere even colder than it should be. I hate this feeling of being indisposed because you can’t lift your head for long, feeling woozy all the time,  coupled with sore muscles, aching joints and a slight fever – just perfect reasons to stay in bed doing nothing.  I tried watching TV but there is not any good program that would make me stay looking at the wide-screen.

I opted to listen to my favorite AM Band instead but most of the news were about the postponement of the oral argument at the Supreme Court, the mug shots of former Pres. Gloria Arroyo, still wearing that Minerva vest or the even ridiculous-looking halo vest on her head. One of the leading dailies has finally released the three sets of pictures which the court took of her when she was served arrest warrant during the weekend. Sorry guys, that’ s all you’ll get of la Gloria news.

Anyway, I tried to finish reading another novel by Rosamund Pilcher entitled September. Reading it in starts and stops, I am finally done. One really gets bored with nothing to do.  I am drinking cup after cup of hot malunggay tea which Nissa and Obet brought home from Bohol.  Malunggay is known to be an anti-oxidant, that’s  Moringa for you. I am always afraid of catching colds  because I don’t want  my immune system to suffer but it can’t be helped. Maybe, this is the result  being  busy the past several weeks just before Purple Day (my daughter’s wedding). Fatigue is finally catching up on me. Or maybe,  it is finally manifesting itself  bit by bit, with aching limbs and sore muscles –  that’s getting old  for you.

Hubby is watching TV in muted silence, I wonder how he ever enjoys movies  with the sound all turned low.  I still find it  quite strange not to see Nissa coming home around this time and the gates locked soon after my son leaves for work.  Is this what they call empty nest syndrome? Come to think of it, I don’t even know if there is such one. She’s just a phone call and a text away but it is kind of  different not seeing her everyday.

Don’t mind my ramblings please, that’s how  “under the weather “feels! Lousy and insecure.


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