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Finding meanings in lost forgotten dreams

Trying to greet the day with a smile

But feeling a little nostalgic

And I feel like singing

Sunrise, sunset.

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You might laugh at this. I wonder why I am even counting. And the feeling is like waiting for Christmas – anticipation, excitement, happiness – you name it, I am like a child who can’t wait to open her gifts before the day ends. So this is how it starts.

There is chaos in every corner of the house, lots of things needed for the wedding, shoes, gifts for the sponsors, and a couple of wedding gifts sent earlier by friends.  And yes, lots of purple ribbon on the side. It’s not my favorite color but Nissa’s . The last few days seeing her lovingly prepare her homemade gifts for her bridesmaids and for the little girls in the entourage, I’ve come to love the three different shade of purple which they will use as color motif. That’s why her friends say, it’s Purple Day.

I’ve received lots of congratulatory wishes at our AFCC group and prayers for Nissa and Obet. They asked me how a mother-of-the-bride feels while the big day is nearing. Well, just like everyone else, I am excited too but praying that everything would be okay from the flowers down to the littlest details of the wedding. I know how happy my daughter is and that is what mothers like me ought to celebrate.  It would be  a new journey for her, being married and all.

I did a bit of pampering myself the whole afternoon, going to the salon for foot spa and manicure. Getting ready for the big day:) I will keep you all posted. And here our some of the pics they  took during her bridal shower at Somerset Salcedo Hotel last weekend.


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