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My daughter’s friends call it Purple Day, referring of course to her  wedding this coming Sunday. Such a hectic and busy week for all of us except perhaps hubby who is so cool about it all. Or maybe, he just won’t like to think that in two days, his unica hija will change her name from Ariston to Isidro.

I love weddings, I love seeing people in love tie the knot in Holy Matrimony , being blessed by it and blessed by God. It’s kind of different though when it is your own daughter who is getting married. I am happy for her but just like most moms who still think of their daughter as their baby, I go crazy reminding her of this and that and constantly checking what has been done and what needs to be done. I am sure I am not alone in this,  “hello there pretty moms, am I right”?

Some friends assured me it’s pretty normal. “Oh, is it?”  Or maybe it is just what my adopted son calls “separation anxiety”. I planned of making a blog, right? But as always is the case, I can’t organize my thoughts  although a lot of things are playing in my head.  I want to write about those days when she was still a baby, her first day in school, her first crush, a neighbor who died when she  was in college and how she cried that her Kuya Junjun was no longer around. I want to write about the things we share before going to bed and our love for the written word. I want to write about how I jumped with joy when one of her UST professors called me up at home eight years ago telling me that she would graduate as Magna Cum Laude.  I want to write about how happy we were together when she was promoted as Assistant Manager at her present work. I want to write about the silly grin on our faces every time  we find some good books in our favorite jaunts.

Oh well, a mother could only smile at these thoughts but I promised myself I won’t cry. I wish her all the luck and pray continuously  that she would start married life like I dreamed it ought to be for her – lots of happiness and blessings and a loving hubby to speak of.


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