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A week ago, I wrote about my first ever experience with a well read and popular author when National Bookstore sponsored a book signing. I also wrote a short review when I read the book The Best of Me the following day. I had a pleasant surprise when I received an e-mail that Read Philippines featured it at their site. It’s a Pinoy readers community where one could discuss books and build a virtual library just like in Shelfari.com.

I was amused that hubby, probably out of curiosity read two books of Nicholas Sparks in a row.  He is used to reading other authors like James Patterson, Richard North Patterson, Robert Ludlum  and such thriller books but not love stories or stories about family. Anyway, it seems that he has finally come to terms with other genre, hooray!

And here is one more good news. Richard Marx is coming to Manila for a one-night concert at Araneta Coliseum. Breathe Arlene, you wish you could really see him in person, right?  Yes, I am right here waiting.



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Nissa and I spent the whole day together yesterday, with last-minute things that need to be done and visiting our alma mater, University of Santo Tomas. Definitely good bonding moments with her although it was a bit tiring because the sun was hot on our backs. Anyway, I told her it would be the last time we were going out together before she says goodbye to her single life and embark on a new journey being married to the guy she loves.

Gosh, I can’t believe that in three days, we will all troop to the lovely and beautiful Paco church to witness their wedding vows. We had lunch in a little nook called Pupai’s near UST, reliving our student days while eating the crispy spring chicken we ordered.  We waited for the copies of the misalettes which we brought to the printing shop, Nissa brought her own bond paper, thicker than the regular thing they use for printing.  She said, she craved for Takoyaki so I bought two boxes. When we passed by UST, we talked of our student days, twenty-six years apart. She said she could no longer relate, finding the place a bit too large and spacious compared to the confined office which is her world now.

I can’t imagine myself wearing that again”, she said,  at the same time pointing to the white and blue uniforms of Artlets students .

“Ako rin”, I answered back while looking at some Commerce students in their all white uniforms. Oh, and this is the nicest part of our trip there because we remembered those times that having dirty ice cream for a snack was heaven for students like us. We found the familiar cart of Sto. Tomas Ice Cream and she bought us one cone each. Back in high school, I loved to eat ice cream sandwiched  in a regular hamburger bun. I asked Mang Fidel if they still have those and  he pointed to a separate bag of bread, at the same time telling me that it now costs P15.00 each.  Back in my time (during high school),  you could enjoy it for P.75 cents.  Mang Fidel has been selling ice cream in UST for more than twenty years now, being a part of all the latest developments  in the campus and probably hundred or thousands students who walked the halls of UST. Really, this makes me smile.

We reached Gateway Mall and  had wine tasting at Titania Wine Cellars where we bought gifts for the male principal sponsors on her wedding.  It was fun learning about the difference between a Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Pinot Noir. They have lots of Spanish, Italian and California wines.  We had to scour for wine bags at National Bookstore but we were disappointed with the price. One wine bag  which we really like costs P80.00  which was  a bit too much. I suggested that we just buy purple Japanese paper and tulle netting  which a store at the nearby Farmer’s market was selling by the yard. A twist of light and dark purple ribbons and presto, we had  well-wrapped wine bottles  even prettier to look at because the colors are the same as their motif for the wedding.

It was a toss between an American meal at Burgoo ( an all-time favorite) and an Asian food at  My Thai Kitchen and at Pho Hoa at Gateway Mall, my treat to Nissa. Of course, when it comes to food, Asian cuisine is the best for both of us.  We had Goi Cuon (a Vietnamese  spring roll)  and Pad See Ew with Thai tamarind juice and Thai milk tea. I am not really into eating with a chopstick but Nissa said, it’s fun to learn it.  She uses chopstick even at home sometimes but I never learned the feel of using one, always choosing the more convenient spoon and fork.  It was a fun meal for us, something I will surely miss when she gets married.

We went home exhausted but the thrill of being together made us both smile.

(I don’t claim credit to the pic posted here, thanks to the owner)

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