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My heart to you is given:
Oh, do give yours to me;
We’ll lock them up together,
And throw away the key.
~Frederick Saunders

While we were attending mass this morning, Nissa and I could not help but react to the gospel today – the five foolish maidens and the five wise ones.The latter were prepared to meet the bridegroom while the former did not bring enough oil to light their lamps. It is a parable that speaks of being prepared always for any eventualities that come in our life. It somehow reminds me of our own preparation for her wedding this coming Sunday. Although I know that she is a very good organizer and she is in control, I told her to make a list of the things we have to bring to the hotel when we check in the day before her wedding. I suggested that  we go over everything before we leave.  We have to double-check that list one more time. She has transferred responsibility to the event planner/organizer as regards the suppliers and last-minute phone calls that need to be done. Her college buddies are giving her bridal shower today.

I was looking for that perfect card that would go with my planned blog which I would like to share with them on Sunday, a sort of letter for them both. Dinner after the wedding will be accompanied by a short program where both sides of the family will be required to say a few words, sort of  “welcome to the family” speech. Nissa asked me if I could deliver a few lines and I told her I will try.  Some friends are teasing me that definitely, I will cry when she gets married so I told them that I think it is a normal reaction of a mother who after twenty-nine years would finally be separated from a loving daughter who  will be leading a new life with her husband. But I assured them, it would be tears of joy and not anything else. Weddings are happy occasions, I said. We will be gaining a son and I guess, that’s one good reason to celebrate.

I am also excited to meet Josh, the musician whom  a friend recommended. I love listening to soft instrumental music.  And I am excited to listen to the songs chosen by Nissa which they will play in church and at the wedding reception.

And it’s six days to go before the day. Do I sound like a child waiting for Christmas?


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