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November is just beginning but I guess, this month would be one of the best months in the year for me. You might be wondering why. It’s just that this month is kind of special – a celebration of two events for two people who are dear to me. It’s my daughter’s wedding on the 13th  (a  week more to go) and my adopted son’s Diaconate Ordination by the end of the month. I am so happy for them both. Nissa has finally found the love of her life, someone she will share a life with. Lovell will finally be ordained as a Deacon and hopefully not long after that, he’ll be ordained a priest. Such overflowing graces and blessings from above. Congratulations to you both.

Yesterday, I received a surprise birthday package from one of my friends at AFCC who is based in Australia. He sent me religious articles including a copy of the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This is the second time that he mailed something for me. I appreciate the fact that he also offered  mass for the whole family during my birthday last month. It’s really touching to be remembered and to be prayed for. Thank you Lord for more blessings.

I got kind of  nostalgic listening to the music and songs of the 70’s on YouTube.  Songs the like of Morning Girl, my favorite song Absolutely Free, Absolutely Beautiful and other lovely songs of old.  The rain hasn’t stopped since yesterday  and hubby says, we don’t need to worry, there is no storm signal. Well, I am praying for a sunny weather on Nissa’s big day.


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