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Happy new month and Happy All Saints’ Day too. Since  Post A Day Challenge  2011 started, I also made a point of blogging about the last month and greeting the new one. Perhaps you are tired of reading my favorite phrase, “how time flies.” But it does and November comes with a lot of excitement for all of us since this will be the first time in our family  to celebrate a wedding. I told Nissa , it’s  barely less than two weeks to go before her big day. Nine long months of preparation. It surely takes longer nowadays to plan a wedding compared to twenty-nine years ago when I got married.  I am proud of Nissa that she was able to take care of everything down to the last detail with the help of  her fiancé. She was so organized  and they only hired a wedding planner on the day of the wedding itself. I am looking forward to the event. I am also excited to see the trio she hired to sing and play on her wedding.  I always love listening to a combination of violin, piano and flute.  They call themselves Intermezzo Wedding Music. Josh  is a former member of Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, a friend of a friend of mine.

I slept like a log last night, a whole eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.  I woke up early to attend the 6am mass at Our Lady Of Light Parish. It was kind of sad, thinking of Dad while the priest was delivering his homily. It’s been almost four years now since we lost him.  He passed on before Christmas. I miss hearing his voice over the phone and listening to his stories when he was still alive. And it’s sad that I am not able to visit his grave on a day like this except to offer mass and prayers and light candles at home. We make it a point though to visit him at the cemetery every time we go home to the province. Had he been alive, I am sure he would be very happy for Nissa. Had he been alive, I am sure he would be happy to know that after more than two years of struggles being a cancer survivor, I am now back to my normal activities. I am not ashamed to admit that I was a “daddy’s girl”.

Why do we grieve over lost friends and family members? Why do we feel sad that they are gone from our lives? Why do we recall and reminisce the days when they were still with us? Don’t you think we are grieving for our own loss in losing them? Trite as it may sound, they are happier now with the Lord. The sad fact is, it is hard for us to let go. Let us just think of death as a kind of rebirth to eternal life, a lovely  meeting with our Saviour.

Have faith, move on, because life goes on no matter what we do, no matter where we are. Be grateful for small miracles that touch your life everyday – they make our temporary stay here worthwhile.


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