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Here’s a portion of a paragraph culled from my blog at Multiply more than three years ago. It exactly echoes what I feel now while listening to the same Christmas songs of old.

I was listening to Christmas carols yesterday while having a short chat with a friend. I told him that every time a Christmas song is played, it makes me feel somehow nostalgic and lonely, why is that? He just laughed, short of saying I am really getting old. He is probably right, when one begins to reminisce and bring back to mind the good old times, then you think twice and ask, “what have I accomplished in my life?”. I do think there is no barometer where you measure happiness and success because they all depend on your attitude towards life itself.

One more week to go before my birthday,  twenty-five days before my daughter’s big day and sixty-seven days to go before Christmas. Why am I even counting?

The days grow too short sometimes, like the sand in an hour-glass that lets you count the seconds, not the minutes, not even the hours. And the days are gone before you have even blinked. Sometimes, you lose yourself in sorrow and happiness seems out of reach. But like a child aiming for a star, you get up and dream again. And reliving the past is quite like a balm to your bruised heart.  You are a survivor and the desire to rise up again and pick up the broken pieces are stronger than your sorrow.And having enough faith in a loving God will always see you through.

I believe. I surrender. I am blessed. I am loved.


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