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Oh well, the past few days have been simply that – happy to some extent. What a difference a day makes and what lovely thoughts one holds in a heartbeat.

  • receiving an e-mail from a friend whom I haven’t seen for the last ten years.  She said she reads my blogs and I was surprised. “So I am updated on what’s happening in your life more than you know.” It’s indeed so touching to learn that although you don’t  talk much and communication is just a text or two once or twice a year, she never forgets.
  • hugging a recently found book that I dreamed of buying for the last few months and it turned out that I enjoyed every page and was delighted in every stringed word. It’s one such delicious read that the characters linger long after I have read the last page and closed the book.  Sigh with a smile :), and that reads,  “Could I ever write something like that in my lifetime?”
  • waking up early to see the sunrise I’ve missed for so long because the rains chose to linger, drenching everything in the garden. Even the Koi are probably happy to feel the sun on their backs while they are busy swimming back and forth, back and forth  until I give up watching because my eyes hurt.
  • thinking of that one summer that I felt the touch of raindrops on my face, diffusing the heat for a while.
  • counting the days till Christmas. I’ve blogged time and again that the Christmas season is my favorite time of the year.  And these are happy times that one cherishes and treasures.
  • making my countdown on the big day – my daughter’s wedding. I am excited to see her walk down the aisle with the man she loves. A lot of friends are teasing me, “Would you  cry during her wedding day?” I probably would but they would be tears of joy.
  • the joy of meeting new-found friends and seeing them finally after several months of online chats.  I could still remember the shared laughter and the spark in our eyes just being together – no holds barred, no rules followed.
  • reading a tweet from someone I  never thought would read my silly posts on Twitter. 🙂
  • experimenting with a new recipe in the kitchen and having that big smile on my face because the hubby and the kids like it.
  • replenishing my TBR list and remembering to jot down lovely quotes while reading.
  • ah, yes, eating dirty ice cream in  a hamburger bun instead of ice cream cone. It makes me remember those high school days in UST when having one during recess time is total bliss. That was how simple life was back then.
  • dreaming of having my favorite Jubileum ensaymada for afternoon snack. It’s the best in town.
  • Sunday mornings with hubby and the kids – lingering on the dining table while sharing cups of coffee, scrambled eggs and hot pan de sal.
  • playing with our dogs in the garden – the errant Suki always trying to find an opportunity to run wild outside when the gate is open, our half-breed Rottweiler dog Meatloaf  slowly inching her way inside the house and stopping at the rug near our kitchen door, waiting for a signal that she could come in and stay inside for a while. Our aging dog Boo which has been with us for I don’t know how long. She’s the only one that never venture out of the gate because she’s really growing old. And of course, our youngest dog Gray always wagging his tail and sticking out his  tongue until we call his name.
  • the sweet scent of Gardenia in bloom and the flowers growing in our garden. I recently bought some hanging plants and they are thriving nicely despite the rain.
  • listening to the sound of those tiny birds outside our bedroom window early in the morning.

I could go on and on, there are just so  many things that make my day complete. Life is good, thank God!


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