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The weather is such that you can’t help but be lazy and just read, read, read! This is not a book review though, it’s just a continuation of my quite overly long blog yesterday. Apart from being so happy seeing the exhibit on Blessed John Paul II, I visited two branches of National Bookstore in Cubao and I was quite disappointed that the book Before Ever After that I am planning to buy was out of stock in both branches. A staff of NBS told me that a lot of people were also looking for a copy.  Then I remember the copy which I wanted to buy this weekend at NBS-Ever, because one of their staff suggested that I come back during the three-day sale. What if there are no more copies left by the time I decide to go back and buy one? So right there and then, I thought of going straight to NBS-Ever and would you believe, the one on display is their last copy. Yeay, I was just in time.

Sorry for this very short post,  apparently, I can’t put the book down.


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