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“So is the story true?  The pain, the loss, the grief, the process, the conversations, the questions, the anger, the longing, the secrets, the lies, the forgiveness…all real, all true.  The story in particular… fiction… but….  Then there is God who emerges so very real and true, unexpected and yet not unexpected, but surprising and…       

So… is all this real?  Is all this true?  I suppose each of us has to decide for ourselves, don’t we?”

I am about to read The Shack. It was on my to-be-read list for quite sometime now but it is still in its original plastic cover. A friend from our book group highly recommended it years ago but I got hold of a copy only this year. I am glad I waited because it’s a trade paperback copy. I bought it when National Bookstore went on sale this year. The original price was pegged at P495.00 but they slashed it in half. The author is not familiar to me so I googled him up and found this site. I am quite excited to start it since the subject is a little  different from the other books that I am used to.  Here is a good review I found  on the net. I am planning to buy two more books before my birthday. I always give myself a birthday gift every year, no matter how simple it is. It’s a plain reminder how I spent my previous birthday.


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