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It’s another beautiful Sunday,  the Feast Day of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary of La Naval de Manila.  I regret though that much as I want to join some of our members at our AFCC group in attending the solemn procession, I could not.  Sometimes I hate being hindered by being so cautious of my health and one thing that I try to avoid is a big crowd because I have to wear a thick face mask to be able to mingle with them. Walking for an hour or two is so difficult for me too, I usually feel out of breath  when I am tired.

I attended the 6:30am mass at Our Lady of Light Parish at our town proper.  In some local parishes, there are no belfry to speak of, they only have small bells attached to a lower pole in front of the church. But in some century-old churches, they also have these  bells that dates back  several centuries too. Our Lady of Light Parish in Cainta is one such church equipped with some lovely  church bells which they ring before and after the mass. Hearing church bells reminds me of my early childhood spent in the province. Back then, you could hear the ringing of the bells at 6am and during the Angelus at 6pm. I looked up while the bells were ringing trying to see which of them were  producing that lovely and mesmerizing sounds but the belfry was  too high for me to see. I was like a child admiring the view from afar. 🙂

I passed by the town market and saw lovely blooms in one corner fronting the hospital. Gee, there were Stargazers in bright yellow and pink, several species of Mayana plants, Santan blooms, Zinnias and palms in pots. It feels like heaven seeing all those plants. It was quite a while since I bought plants for our garden.

I saw this lovely bloom of Chinese evergreen which they sometimes call a snake plant. It’s perfect indoors because it needs partial shade. Then I saw these hanging fox tail plants with tiny red elongated flowers, just can’t resist buying a pot.

I love the smell of freshly baked hot pan de sal  in the village corner bakery.  It’s what we usually have for breakfast when  I am lazy to prepare a more  elaborate meal. Paired with peanut butter, slivers of cheese or scrambled eggs, they are perfect for a hot cup of coffee.  They say it is a poor man’s meal but nowadays, one could hardly afford it because the price is steadily rising while the size is getting smaller.  Just a bite or two, for one pan de sal.

Music and Memories, a program I usually watch on Sundays. It’s anchored by the multi-talented Willie Nepomuceno and the lovely Boots Anson Roa. They featured the Beatles the whole hour of their show today. It’s John Lennon’s birthday and they showed videos of the early days of the Beatles. I am a Beatles  fan so I enjoyed watching.

It was another lovely Sunday!


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