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I woke up to the chirps of the maya birds outside our window. “Good morning world”. It’s another day, it’s another month and I suddenly remembered, I forgot to really greet October with a bang! So “happy new month, welcome October”.

Last night, Nissa and Obet brought home several magazines and again I was thrilled to see the latest issues  (October 2011) of Animal Scene, Agriculture, Cruising, Sense and Style and a thick copy of July-Dec. 11 issue of Wedding Essentials. Much as we love books, we also love buying mags, this time though, they came free. One of their ninongs, who is an executive of Manila Bulletin gave them to Nissa.  Had they come earlier, they could have been included in the wedding features of Wedding Essentials.  Next publication would be by January so it’s still okay. This is the first time that I read an issue of Cruising and I love their features on Simple Joys – travel stories  on several hidden treasures in the Philippines. I didn’t even know where Cagbalete Island is until I read this very interesting article about it. Do you know that you could travel to Baguio on a P1,000 peso budget (excluding bus fares) and that covers an overnight accommodation and food plus some pasalubong? The best way to explore Baguio is on foot.

I finally had the chance to sign up at Goodreads. I have this ambitious longing to create another virtual library with all our books bought after typhoon Ondoy. I had one at Shelfari but when we lost most of our collections to the flood, I became so lazy updating my online library there because most of the lovely books I had for years were destroyed. If I’ll have enough time, I’ll make a list of all the books I have at the moment then update Goodreads. The good thing is, you  can make your  own book review and find people who have the same interests like you do.

Books, books and more books, where could you go wrong with books? Read, read and read a lot more because “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers. ”  That’s a quote from Charles W. Eliot 


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If I can put one touch of rosy sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God. -Gilbert K. Chesterton


I remember these shots, because that was the first time we visited Caleruega, one of my favorite places.  The view of the Batulao mountains on a windy afternoon while the sun was setting was simply amazing.


They may not be perfect sunsets scenes, a bit amateurish  if you ask me, but I love the color of the setting sun and the mysterious glow of the Batulao mountains coupled with the threatening clouds just above the horizon.

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