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I am getting a lot of spam comments lately. And it’s good that WordPress has committed to protect bloggers from spam comments.  I don’t know if I have to hate those spammers or not because sometimes I do read their comments here and they don’t even merit a comment back.  Sometimes I think they have this pro-forma  type of mails that they just send to anyone without even reading the content of one’s blog. And it is so obvious that they are just there to promote their own  site.

Come on people, online marketing is not bad per se because I have a friend who is amassing green bucks because of it.  Having a market list definitely helps but posting your unwanted messages on someone’s site is annoying. There was a time a few years ago that I attended a seminar on marketing online and I met this 15-year old student who was probably  earning more than what  an executive in a private company earns.  But it’s not for me and this blog will remain just a simple platform for my journey as a cancel survivor, as a mother, a wife and a friend.  It would make me happy if by reading it, you could learn a lesson or two or be a little inspired with what I write.

I am giving another go of the book The Constant Gardener. I just wonder why I can’t go beyond the first 20 pages. I wish I could find the movie version of it on cable then I won’t have to read it.



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