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It simply means “steamed bun” for those who are not familiar with this popular Filipino snack food made from flour and fillings. Take your pick, the fillings may come in the form of chicken chunks and salted eggs and chorizo for that special siopao or as simple as ground pork sautéed in onions and mixed with a little flour for consistency.

Hubby was laughing at me when I suggested that we swing by the Rainforest area in Pasig before going home to buy siopao. I had this sudden craving for this snack so I bought four each of Asado and Bola-bola.  Take your pick, I said. If you don’t want the Bola-Bola, you can have the Asado.  Back when we used to fetch Nissa from work (around 11pm almost every night), we usually passed by the place and siopao has become our midnight snack. I learned how to prepare and cook it years ago via our Culinary club at Bank of the Philippine Islands.  But as they say, it is easier to buy one than make one – ready to eat and I am quite lazy when it comes to elaborate preparations  with only the four of us at home, after all, it is just a snack, right? I had it for merienda today with a hot cup of coffee.

Nissa and Obet’s official invitations for the wedding have just been delivered a few minutes ago. You could clearly see the excitement on Nissa’s face while inspecting the envelopes and adding the location map for the church and the reception venues.  Such a radical change since our day almost thirty years ago. Back then, wedding invites were more elaborate, both in designs and wordings. They were more formal too with the bride’s choice of color for the wedding echoed on the ribbons  attached to the invitation. During my time, you can’t even specify how many persons will attend for one invite because when you issue one, expect that the whole family including the kids will attend. A guest list of 300 persons becomes 500 on the day of the wedding. Nowadays though, you can be specific with your invitations, you can even write on the invite how many seats you have reserved for your guests.  The simpler, the better. Considering the costs of such an occasion nowadays, I think it is just practical to do it that way. I told her to double-check everything on her guest list and prioritize the wedding entourage and sponsors when they finally distribute the invites.

I am looking forward to watching the Pinoy edition of Junior Masterchef.  The whole family loves watching cooking shows on TV  and it is even more enjoyable when there is a bowl of popcorn on the side.  Hmmm…I could almost smell it from here. What? Food again?


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