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It was an eventful albeit a bit tiring day for me.  I went with Nissa, Obet and Marisse to get Nissa’s wedding gown and to have Marisse fitted with hers. It’s been years since I stepped foot at Makati Central Business District where we waited for Obet to arrive before proceeding to Manila.  I suddenly missed Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) where I worked for more than twenty years. It’s sprouting a new look, the old  gold logo is gone and was replaced by a bright red color. It’s celebrating 160th year  and is also considered the oldest bank in the country.

We had breakfast at McDo, and it was real nice sharing with Marisse talking about her extended trip in Singapore. It was followed by a long, long chat while we were in the car going to Manila. I also missed seeing the old buildings in Manila where the architectural structures speak of the old times.  There are really such lovely places to visit like the old Sta. Cruz  Church which is now known as the Shrine of San Lorenzo Ruiz, our very own patron saint,  the old Post Office building, Luneta Park,  Intramuros, to name a few.

It was my first time to visit Paco Park Church where Nissa and Obet’s wedding will be held.  I wish I brought my camera with me and had taken some shots of the place.  It looks so cozy  inside and the garden in front is large enough for an outdoor reception. The water fountain is an added attraction too.  It’s a perfect place for an intimate wedding.  It’s also known as St. Pancratius Chapel. Next we visited Ibarra’s  Garden where they will have their wedding reception.  Ibarra’s Garden is a stone’s throw from the church, a convenient distance for their guests and family members.

Marisse and I were teasing each other, are we gonna cry  when Nissa gets married? I said, maybe, but I’m sure they’ll be tears of joy for the event.  It’s actually exciting to be involved in the wedding plans but it’s kind of  intimidating too at the same time. I’ll be gaining a son and she’ll gain another friend.

It’s the first wedding in the family so we are all excited.


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