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For a while there I was looking at the blank screen  with nary a thought in my head. I was thinking earlier of doing a review on Safe Haven, the latest book I’ve read of Nicholas Sparks.  I am not really an addict (for want of a milder word) but I am a fan. I am the kind of reader who won’t seek his latest bestsellers  just for the sake of saying, I have read them all. It’s actually my daughter who started me on collecting his books, she was the one who bought all those paperback editions and gave me as gifts on my birthdays and Christmas. We watched the movie adaptations and enjoyed them all though. Cliche  as it may sound, the book is always better than the movie.

Time flies, too soon and we anticipate another event which has always been  and always will be so important to Filipino families.  Celebrating Christmas here in our country is probably the most joyous season of all.Nowhere else  can you find a place where it is most celebrated the longest, from the early days of September to as late as February of the following year.  Christmas celebration is the only thing  which I always blog the most.  This morning,  Umagang Kay Ganda, a morning show on TV, featured a Santa Claus collection of  someone whose entire third floor is full of different sizes and designs of  it.  There were unusual fork and spoon shaped like Santa, plates, mugs, you name it, he has more than a thousand Santa features.  I wonder how they keep them clean  and all in shape because  they’re displayed all year-long. Christmas is a very meaningful affair because most Filipino families who are apart during the rest of the year gather together during the Christmas season. There’s  nothing more touching than celebrating Jesus’ birth with the whole family. I am doing my Christmas list. It’s not as if I have lots to give gifts to but I just want to make sure that family members, some close relatives and close friends are included in my list.

Will go have a visit at Ibarra’s Garden at Padre Faura St. in Manila. It’s the venue for my daughter’s wedding this coming November.  It will be my first time to visit the place and I am excited since Nissa told me that she likes the ambiance of the place although the food is a little on the expensive side.  Here’s a photo I found at their site. Their brochure says that it is “a classic antique house built in the 1920s inspired with American Art Deco and a quaint garden converted into an ideal place for social and corporate events. The historic ambiance reflects the grandeur of wealth and beauty during the olden period. Now, Ibarra’s Garden is the most sought after venue in the Metropolis having been famed for its mouth-watering approach to International Carte du jour.”

Have a nice weekend everyone!



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