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You heard it right, I feel so lazy today.  This bad cold is killing me, the past two or three days, I had stuffy nose and today, my throat hurts and the occasional cough doesn’t help. I  did try taking a rest the whole day but as usual I could not sleep. For the first time in so many days, I watched TV.  I told you, I could do without it but somehow, reading doesn’t appeal to me at the moment, more so with staying long in front of a laptop reading e-mails. That could wait but this can’t. I’ll miss this if I could not update my site in a day, I am following the Post A Day Challenge 2011 religiously. And it’s not because WordPress  checks my site or something but I am challenging myself to finish what I’ve started until the end of the year. It has become a habit and habits  are hard to break, right? A week ago I noticed that for every post I publish, WordPress  updates the word count and even suggest some topics which would help if I run out of something to say. And I was laughing out loud when I noticed that they now have a word for every blog you post – marvelous, cool, slick, tight, Cowabunga, amazing, incredible, super, wonderful, wohoo – to name a few. I wonder what adjectives they would use for the future blogs that I’m thinking of sharing here.  I really like it and it’s kind of fun.

I watched three movies today, two Tagalog movies on Cinema One and one Star Movie feature.  When In Rome  has probably been shown a lot here but this is the first time I caught it on TV.  It stars Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel. I didn’t know that it was so funny and I was laughing out loud while watching it. The only reason it caught my attention was because of the title. I am curious about Rome, I’ve seen so many pictures of it from the Facebook albums of my friends. Yes, AFCC (my online apostolate) is based in Italy.  The movie has all the elements of a good comedic fantasy, just perfect for a lazy morning to keep me relaxed and laughing.

The Pillars of the Earth, that book which gave me so much joy reading a year ago will finally be shown on September 21 on Star World. I think it’s a mini-series and I am excited. I thought of reading it one more time but I am not sure if I could finish the more than 1,000 pages of Ken Follett’s bestseller in just a week.  We’ll see, who knows?


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