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I want to say, it’s another one of those days. Stuffy and runny nose,  a bit of a headache, occasional sneezes – perfect ingredients for a lousy day. Yes, I still have a cold, going on for about three days now.  This weather is beastly too, it’s a little hot during the day and it rains at night.  I just could not stay long in front of the computer so I’ll make this the shortest blog possible.

I am  burying my nose reading books,  but I just don’t know where to start, not even a dent on my TBR list. So for want of better choices, I started reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, a trade paperback which my daughter gave me a month ago.  I love how he writes and I have his earlier books, all gifts from her.  I promise, I’ll write a longer blog tomorrow. I just could not stand having to blow my nose every minute.


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