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I’ve finally been able to change my header. I just cropped and uploaded one of the pictures I took at The Farm, when we visited the place and stayed overnight four years ago. It’s a lovely place to relax and commune with nature.  I always find comfort turning back the clock and reviewing  several albums from our previous road trips.  I remember those moments when all I can utter was a simple “wow” and hug the times I was able to capture them on camera. There was this lovely nook at The Farm facing a lagoon and giant ferns alongside flowering plants in a riot of colors. It was their library. There were several comfy chairs facing the pond and it was bliss staying there, listening to the occasional singing of stray birds that you can’t identify and just admiring the view, watching the world turn from a pale shade of yellow to a dreamy orange.

Blast this cold. I had it coming since last night, headache, body pains, you name it, they’re all there. I am glad though that I had the chance to take a rest almost the whole day. I am trying to avoid getting colds since they definitely lower the immune system which makes me frantic.  And the weather here does not help,one moment the sun is shining in its full glory then as suddenly, it gets dark and the rain pours in torrents, catching you unaware. Beastly weather.

I had this funny feeling of being hurled somewhere, loneliness setting in and previous hurts showing their faces.  I don’t want to dwell on negative things. It’s bad enough that I am not feeling well. Sometimes life seems full of mixed emotions that one goes through, traveling a lonely  road, grasping for something that would make one smile despite the pain.

I thought of changing my header post too along with the picture. On second thoughts, I wouldn’t know how to repackage my intro, haha! Anyway, I would just like to say that since I started blogging here at WordPress and since I joined their Post A Day Challenge, it has become easier to share  and to write.

I am getting on with life and loving it, although it hurts, sometimes.


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