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My stat did a  crazy jig last night. It finally registered a high of 1,553 page views in one day, a first in my blogging history. Anyway, I like to think that it was because of Mama Mary.  If she could see me now, she must be smiling. It was a miracle seeing search views  which were  all about Mama Mary. Although yesterday was not a holy day of obligation, Catholic churches were full.

It is always a riot when  my co-admins and I post various subjects that our members could comment on. Believe me, one topic could branch out into so many interesting  subjects, from Plato to books to dogs, shopping  and always, cooking.  We all agree that when food is the topic of the day, everyone has something to say. This morning we  were talking about bike riding and cooking particularly, the old-fashioned way not using a rice cooker.  They really can’t believe that I can’t ride a bike until now and some of them are in the same predicament as I am. Don’t mind me, I told them, I am already old to learn biking.  Then Fr. Louie asked if they all know how to cook rice without using a rice cooker. You know, something old-fashioned like cooking using a gas stove or the more outdated way , by using charcoal.  I remember those days when I was in grade school and my grandmother used to teach me how to cook. Cooking rice was the first thing I learned. I can’t imagine Filipinos without rice on the table, because rice is our staple food. Paired with anything from a simple  viand of canned sardines to a more special dish like Sinigang or Lechon, it is a perfect meal.

It is always a joy to read their reactions and opinions on every topic of the day. They are learning from us and we are also learning from them. They are so open about their life experiences, maybe it’s because they trust us and that’s something we appreciate a lot.


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