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I received this wonderful text message from Lovell, a close friend from Sto. Domingo Convent. It’s written in Tagalog which I really appreciate . It’s a lovely greeting for Mama Mary’s birthday today:

Salamat sa Diyos sa pagkakaloob kay Maria!  Salamat kay Maria sa pagkakaloob kay Hesus! Maligayang bati sa kaarawan ni Maria! Pueblo amante de Maria!

I love it! and I am just so overwhelmed by the number of views I am getting since last night. In my more than two years of blogging,  today I got the highest number of clicks in one blog so far and the highest  in one day. As of this writing, my bar graph is getting crazy, yesterday, it registered 398 and today it is 1, 280 as of this minute and still counting.  Amazing that almost all my blogs on Mama Mary are on the top-rated list.

We regularly update our AFCC Tambayan page by posting topics which the members could relate to and comment on. One of the questions I posted today was about friendship. What do you think is the most important ingredient of a lasting friendship? How do you keep the friendship alive?  Do you have best friends?  I got lots of comments and a lively discussion, some  even touching on platonic friendship. Who can keep a secret, a boy or a girl? Most of them are of the belief that communication, honesty, trust, love, patience and understanding count for a lasting friendship. Nowadays, friendship is loosely defined as something that is fleeting and temporary. You call someone you’ve just met a friend, but for friendship to be real, it needs  nurturing for it to grow. One needs time for a friendship to bloom. Communication is one thing, I think it is the main ingredient for a true and real friendship. It will die a natural death if  you don’t communicate. Once you find true friends, treasure them because they are more valuable than gold.


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