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I’m tired! I feel sleepy but I can’t sleep. I’ve been awake since 5am, had to go to the wet market for our twice-a-month marketing. It’s a little tiring to go around and look for something fresh, be it meat, poultry or sea food. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the task , sometimes I just get tired doing the chores of cleaning and arranging them in separate plastic bags for individual use, one bag each for one  meal. I’ve learned long ago that one should not defrost anything then later freeze again the unused portion of the uncooked food. That’s where Salmonella virus comes in and it’s dangerous.

We’ll be attending the 4pm mass today, hubby and I. I’m not used to attending Sunday masses late in the day. We usually attend the early morning mass on Sundays. Anyway, it would be another opportunity to visit Our Lady of Light Parish which is located  at the town proper.  My daughter told me not to prepare dinner since they’ll just buy something on their way home. Yeah, got all the time to read and update my blog.

It’s so quiet here, no tv, no radio, not even the noise of passing vehicles can be heard. It’s a deafening quiet and my mind is filled with riotous thoughts – the kind that have no beginning and have no end.  Have you ever experienced those moments when you really want to write about them but you don’t know how and they  just keep floating in your head? There is something you want to voice out and put  down on paper (or shall we say, write in a draft in your PC whichever is more convenient) but it eludes you once you are staring at the blank screen.  Whoa! What happened to the rich and jumbled thoughts I had earlier? Life, sometimes, is funny. No, life is funny. Make that three dots at the end.

By the way, if you are fond of reading other blog posts, swing by Bianca Gonzalez’ blog, The Diary of A Super Girl Wannabe. Yes, she’s  that Bianca Gonzalez that you watch on TV. She is in my  blogroll and she says that she’s been blogging for about eight years now. She’s celebrating her 8th anniversary this September so she’s giving away freebies. Go visit her site, you might just win several prizes. She is a wonderful blogger, funny at times, but you’ll get to know the girl behind the lovely face that is Bianca Gonzalez (both Z in her name). I wonder if I could last that long, I’ve only been here for twenty-eight months although I’ve started my blog at Multiply October of 2007.  Wow, that’s about four years now, in a month to be exact.

So what makes your Sunday the best day ever? It is  just another Sunday for me but still, I feel happy and that counts, right?


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