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I know it was an accident. The minute  I saw blood oozing from the cleanly cut lower part of my right thumb, I remembered  the time I had to prepare for my first surgical operation more than ten years ago when the lab has to record every second on how fast the blood clots.  And how it bled like crazy, I had to find a bandage large enough to cover the wound.  It happened in just a split second and I didn’t even feel it until I saw blood.  It still hurts and there is a throbbing pain like a ticking clock. I tried using my right hand to write my notes for our second AFCC gathering tomorrow but it felt awkward using a pen without gripping it with my thumb. The few lines I wrote looked like a  kid’s doodles, without control of the loops and crosses. It is easier using the mouse than using a pen.

Oh, I guess, this is  one of the shortest blogs I’ve posted.  I am just excited for tomorrow’s event. 🙂


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