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Most of the time, I do create my “Minute Reflection” at the Apostles Filipino Catholic Community and some of our members really like it, they make comments of their own and I am glad. Yesterday, I  posted this simple realization that life, if it is coupled with prayers and faith in God is easy to bear and to carry on one’s shoulder:

Sometimes, it is hard to smile when you have the weight of the world on your shoulder and it is even harder to laugh. You must learn to laugh at your own mistakes because they are blessings in disguise that make you stronger to face life’s burden and strife.

I was not able to update the site last night. The PC broadband connection was so poor, one need the patience of a saint to use the computer. There was really no option but to wake up early and post some updates at the site.  Here’s for the  “An Angel A Day” quote that I made early this morning:

Do you believe that angels have wings?  They come disguised as a loving friend, someone who smiled at you while you were in pain, a mother who embraced you and said, “Take care my child, be home safe.”  For anyone who helps you grow is an angel in your life.

And another one for our “Just A Thought” segment:

Whatever you are worrying about today, offer it all to God. It is only when we encounter unpleasant surprises that our inner self  shine and we discover to our delight, that we are brave and strong to face it all.

Got to feed the Koi and water the plants, sweep the yard and prepare breakfast, how’s that for morning exercise? Be back later.


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I blogged about this place last month when we went there for a visit because my daughter was planning to have their prenuptial pics taken there. This afternoon, I tried uploading the shots I took and luckily, this laptop was in the mood to read some of the various shots waiting to be posted. Sounds like this laptop is crazy huh, but yes, the past two months, I could not even view the shots from my camera using this. So here they are, it’s  a whole album of antique decor and 50’s bakeshop.

It was the first thing I noticed when we reached the place, the windmill.

Look at this lovely lantern. It is very conducive for windy and rainy weather. And that sungka board on top of it. We used to play sungka games when we were kids.

And look at this lovely table and the carved bust on top of it. And that lovely water jug made of wood.

This is where my daughter  had her prenuptial pics taken. There is an area near here where the tables are all made of chessboard where you can really play if you know how.

My daughter Nissa!

The place is really one big  area where you can enjoy reminiscing…your childhood perhaps?

No smoking…definitely. I also love those wrought iron chairs and tables that remind me my grandmother’s house in the province.

This is the entrance, at the right is their bakeshop. Look at the twigs used to decorate the ceiling. It is simply unique.

When I was in grade  school, we used to have a similar radio like this, powered by batteries.

I guess those are Japanese samurai swords together with a fan and some old pictures framed in a glass-enclosed  canvas.

The mini-garden complete with a pond filled with Koi fish.

We were about to have lunch. The food here is cheap. And their pandesal and ensaymada are pugon-baked, circa 1950.

A horse-drawn carriage which we used to call calesa prominently displayed in one corner of the place.

A rickety, rickety old bridge. My knees tremble just looking at it.

The facade of Pan de Amerikana with its signature windmill…

Just love the pocket garden in front of the place.

And this water feature blends well with it. Lovely, isn’t it?

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