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This is one of the happiest  days so far, at least for the week. I was able to talk to my youngest brother who is based in the US for more than an hour over the phone. Every time we get to chat, we always reminisce the days when we were younger. His eldest is going to college in a few days and it would be the first time she’ll be away from home. I  asked him if he is having anxiety attacks and he laughed out loud. It’s typical for parents to worry about their kids when they live on their own for the first time. Another journey to traverse, more experience to appreciate.

I am on a reading marathon, just finished three books in two weeks. There was a time when, I felt so lazy to read, and I mean, it would take me months before I get to the end of one particular book. Anyway, I had more than enough to choose from since my darling daughter went on a shopping spree (on books) weeks ago. I don’t know if Powerbooks is still on sale now.  Never mind that we have filled up the space alloted for books for the last year or so, they are mostly new since our old ones were destroyed by the typhoon two years ago.  And magazines are starting to pile up, some are gifts from a generous neighbor who knows that we love to read. A week ago, another friend gave me a boxed set of Hallmark stationeries and garden mags.  I miss the joy of writing,  much more when it is  on a lovely shade of purple with matching envelope. I bet many of us have forgotten to enjoy writing in long hand and sending them via snail mail.

A friend at Facebook  gave me some links on poetry. I love the site, my favorite  poets and authors are there.  And I am beginning to discover more contemporary poets. Nissa received a letter from her sponsored child at World Vision. How time flies, the first time I saw his picture when my daughter started sending monthly allowances for him, he was just in Grade 3 and now he is already in high school.  I am as excited as Nissa to read letters from her sponsored child.  I hope one of these days, we will all have the chance to meet JM. Gosh, he is turning to be a handsome boy.

One day at a time, more lovely days to enjoy. Thank you Lord for always showing me the best side of things.


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