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It’s one of those quiet days that I treasure.  A little time for reflection,  time to think about things left undone. I spent a few hours making rosaries and I was able to finish five. I made a rosary for Nissa, a gift I want her to have on her wedding day. It would be a nice memento with the Holy Bible which they will have blessed on their big day.  It’s a little more than a month to go before they tie the knot. I am little excited, (a little kind of sad too) that pretty soon she’ll be having a new life and family of her own.    She’s embarking on a new beginning – the start of married life.

A few minutes ago, they arrived home bringing some of the dresses to be used by the flower girls and the bridesmaids.  They are all lovely and the colors (different shades of purple) are quite arresting. This is it, I muttered to myself.  I was laughing at Mom when she said that she won’t wear a long dress.  I love the design of the dress chosen by Nissa for her but she is not into off shoulder dresses and fitting  but slightly flared skirt at the hem.  Hmm, I am wondering how my gown would look when they would get the rest of the  items  in a week.  Which reminds me, I have to get my shoes tomorrow, another trip to Cubao.

Please don’t mind my meanderings, I am just eager to document every aspect of my daughter’s wedding.


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