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What is so nice about having friends is that, one feels good just talking and sharing ideas with them. There is really no dull moment when you meet someone who thinks the world of you too. There are no dull moments even if you just talk about your respective families, catching up on each other and sharing about dreams and promises. It is even more interesting once you venture into such subjects like life and books and writing.

Hubby and I met a friend today. Ding is from Cebu and this is the second time in a span of almost three months that we’ve seen each other.  She is flying back to Cebu tomorrow  so we agreed to meet today.  We had a lovely lunch at Racks at Robinson’s Place in Malate.   Thank you Ding for the lovely stationeries and the garden mags.

Quiapo is such a busy place.  We dropped by Wellmanson’s to buy some materials for my rosary-making project.  I would have wanted to take photos of the denizens of Quiapo – people from all walks of life eking out a living, people who are devoted to the Black Nazarene, people who are just waiting for some good Samaritans to drop a coin or two on their laps and those who are just there to buy something at the line of bead shops in Evangelista  St., but we didn’t have much time. I want to make another album like the shots I took at the Antipolo Shrine two years ago. Life in the city, an interesting subject that one could explore with a camera. Quiapo Church is known as the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene. A trip to Quiapo would not be complete without spending a minute or two inside the church.

Did I just say that today is another adventure I thoroughly enjoyed?


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