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What a pleasant surprise! The whole night was cold and when I woke up, I saw this thick fog surrounding the neighborhood.  It’s the first time since January or February this year that I’ve seen something like this. I always associate fogs and cold mornings during the Christmas season.   Could it be that Christmas is near?


Watching the thick fog made me want to go out there and play hide and seek and lose myself in the blanket of gray  while savouring the cold, misty air. There was a dreamlike feeling watching the few people behind our house doing their morning walk,  then disappear for a while to surface again then lose themselves in the thick fog. It made me remember those books I used to read about Ireland, the beauty of the countryside on a chilly morning. I tried capturing it with my camera – something to smile about, something to be grateful for. God is definitely showing a lovely and different face of the morning. It is just as arresting as the muted hues of orange while the sun is slowly rising.


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