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Yes, I’ve started reading Stephen King’s book Misery last night.  On Writing was the last book I read by Stephen King. In fact, I even wrote a review of the book  sometime last April.  While reading the first few chapters of Misery, I was conscious  on how he used and strung words  while remembering those pointers he wrote on “how to write a good story.”  How could one hold the attention of the reader even just at the start of the narrative? How could one vividly describe a scene to the point of having the reader gripped by fear and awe while reading the story? Stephen King is a truly good writer.

I passed by National Bookstore today after hubby and I finished buying some items we need for the wedding.  It was a pointless search for one good book that is on sale for at least half the price. Most new books are only discounted at 20% so I went to Booksale, my favorite hangout every time I have the chance to go to Ever Ortigas. There were so many bestseller books on display at more than a hundred pesos each but I was able to buy two more books at the price of P67.00. Hmm…. more than enough books to last till the end of the year.

I  was  able to catch the resignation  speech of Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri on ANC TV. He resigned from his post today ahead of the full-blown investigation by a joint panel of DOJ (Department of Justice) and COMELEC (Commission on Election)  into the alleged poll fraud during the 2004 and 2007 elections. He however denied his involvement in the alleged massive  cheating during the 2007 election in which he was at the 12th slot.  He said that he was resigning due to “unfounded accusations”. But isn’t that tantamount to admitting defeat or guilt?  I admire Zubiri for doing the noble thing, and that is to resign. How many politicians nowadays are willing to give up their positions for the sake of  “delicadeza”?  I don’t agree with Senate Pres. Enrile though when he said that they still have to look into it. You mean his resignation needs Senate approval? Isn’t Zubiri accountable to the people and not to the Senate? He was not appointed by the Senate but was elected by the Filipino people. So there is now a vacancy in the Senate seat but does that not mean that Atty. Coco Pimentel III could automatically claim the slot vacated by Zubiri? He still has to be declared by the Senate Electoral Tribunal.

Only in the Philippines, right?


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