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Why do I have this urge to just stay in bed every time it rains? And I meant, it has rained the whole of last night till  noon today. It’s the kind of weather that makes you feel so lazy but this is the best time to catch up on reading again. Ironing done, I was about to start on a book Nissa brought home last night but I had this sudden gas pain that won’t go away until I took a pain reliever late this afternoon. I’ve had this now and then, since last week but I don’t want to go back  to the doctor. I am getting tired of doctor visits, give me a break please.

Nissa brought home three books last night. She went to National Bookstore at Robinson’s Galleria and purchased  a hard bound copy of a chicklit book, Exile by Richard North Patterson and The Edge of Winter by Luanne Rice. That’s four books added to my TBR list including the one I bought last Sunday. They are all fiction books, a change from the inspirational readings I had the last few months. Here’s a quote I noticed on the cover of the book by Rice, “Happy endings start with new beginnings.”  I haven’t read any book yet of Rice, this is the first one on our shelf. Richard North Patterson is another favorite. I like legal thrillers, I hope Exile is as good as his other books.

A few hours ago, she came home armed with a bagful of books – a thick copy of L.J. Smith’s Dark Vision, Stephen King’s Misery, a trade paperback of Nicholas Sparks’ Safe Haven and some other books I am not familiar with. She said that she bought a dozen books today at Powerbooks but could not take them all home because they are heavy.  I hope National Bookstore have more books on sale, would love to visit another branch if the rain stops.

The rain has stopped, it’s time to read. 🙂


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