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Time really flies fast don’t you think? It was another busy Sunday for us, at least for Nissa and me. Just after the 9am mass, we went to Cubao to get the shoes and bag she will use for the wedding. Wow, how nice to see the pair of shoes she ordered which I think will really go well with her wedding gown.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise but it will surely be here when the big day comes.  I had my pair of shoes custom-made too for my gown. It is easier to order than to roam around malls looking for a perfect pair of shoes. They are Marikina-made so aside from being elegant, I am sure they are sturdy as well.

Next stop was at National Bookstore in Ali Mall. Gosh, I was surprised when I went to look for a comfort room and what used to be a public CR turned out to have a lady on guard collecting P10.00 for every woman who enters it. I would not mind a paid comfort room for convenience but at least they should see to it that it is clean and complete with tissue paper and hand soap. Compared to other comfort room in big malls like Gateway and Ayala, this one could not even reach a low 10%. The floor was wet and the trash can was not even closed. It really fall short of what I perceive a paying customer would expect.  They had a public comfort room on the second floor and it was cleaner than the one with paying customers.  Gosh, aren’t all malls supposed to provide something that would  make the life of shoppers convenient at least? How could you patronize an establishment like this when the simple comfort of its customers could not even be met?

Back to our adventure at National Book Store. They have started with their annual book sale but again, I was disappointed that the books on display with  discounts are not even on the bestseller list. I was trying to look for the bargain bin which another branch at Galleria has but even their bargain books were still expensive. I was able to buy two copies of a children’s fairy tale, fare enough at half the price, and a copy of The Shack  by William Young which I have long wanted to buy but  the price is too high for my meager allowance on books. Anyway, the trade paperback copy was P5.oo cheaper than the mass-market  produced one. I bought the trade paperback of course, still costly  at P247.00. Would really love to visit more branches, I might find a bigger surprise in one of them.

Next stop was at St. Paul’s. I love visiting this place just looking at the lovely rosaries on display and the books which they have on their shelves.  It’s my dream to own one of those books about saints. I bought  center medals ( an image of Pope Benedict)  and some connecting medals for the rosaries I intend to make once I am no longer busy with other things.  Hopefully, I will be able to go on another trip to Quiapo to buy some materials.

I slept late at 12am, finishing my blog and uploading pictures I downloaded from the albums of the AFCC members who attended our first gathering at Bahay Dominiko, Sto. Domingo Church in QC.


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