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It’s another busy Sunday today. Son and I left the house at around 5am to do the weekly marketing. Since hubby is not around to drive me to the wet market, I have to wait for my son’s free day to do the weekly marketing.  At around 11am,  we went grocery shopping and had to forego lunch, just snacking on Henlin’s siomai. We were in a hurry to pick up Nissa’s CD on the prenuptial pictorial they did the last week.  When we reached the place, it rained cats and dogs so we had to wait for it to subside a little before going home. Even then, we passed some flooded areas.

Nice pictures if you ask me with some done in infrared shots. Nissa and I were laughing when mom casually remarked and asked why there were so many pictures when the wedding is still almost two months away.  They would use some of the shots for their guest book.  Photography has definitely evolved. I love the sample shots the studio had taken of various  weddings.  Did you ever wonder why all brides are radiant on their wedding day? I love looking at the pictures of couples who are so much in love and anticipating the big day in their lives. It’s a start of a new chapter, right? Pictures really tell stories not just in a thousand words but in a number of ways and  they also create lovely memories. Hmm, just feeling romantic for a change.

We had to attend late mass at 6:30pm.  That ends my busy day. I wish I could share with you the official prenup pictorial of my daughter.


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