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It rained last night, the kind that created deep puddles  on the streets and drenching the carabao grass.  We’ve had sunny weather the past two weeks and the heat was getting kind of oppressive. I woke up seeing the silver hues of rain droplets atop the big leaves of our canna,  and the colocasia planted at the back of the house. How nice to see nature showing its lovely face again.

Just watched Kris TV, a new talk show by Kris Aquino. Some people are so negative when it comes to Kris’ private life  and all but we could not ignore the fact that she is the best talk show host in this side of town. I don’t often watch her but I love her Friday features – homes of artists, actors and actresses like Toni Gonzaga, Kim Chiu, Lucy Torres, etc. I wonder if there is a video of the Lucy feature since I was not able to watch it. I sometimes forget to switch the TV on because I am not a regular TV watcher. I’d rather listen to news on the radio while attending to daily chores at home. And this  reminds me, about a month ago, I chanced upon a program my son and I used to listen to when he was still in grade school and I was still working at BPI. It’ s called The Sounds of the Soul by Fr. Larry Faraon, OP. After all these years, it’s still on air. It’s a fifteen-minute daily reflections on the Gospel of the day.  Years ago, before we left the house, we listened to him and while walking going to the tricycle terminal in our village, we have shared lessons and reflected on them.  How nice!  I have this big smile on my face every time I discover something like this, a nice surprise that gives that wonderful feeling inside.


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