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In life, one wishes for a smooth journey but most of the time, circumstances and events make it a little hard and rocky. There is that feeling of disappointment when one realizes that despite all the efforts and love he puts in the doing, he will never be satisfied in the end.  Life is a continuous process of discovery – today is never the same as yesterday and tomorrow might bring a big surprise or a feeling of frustration.
It is never easy to have a successful relationship with anyone, be it a friend, a spouse, or some family members. There are kinks that one needs to iron out, roadblocks that you need to cross, and problems that need solutions. These are the same things that make life what it is – a challenge or a hurdle to climb, a garden patch of happiness to celebrate, a precious something that needs to grow. There are times when nurturing and loving are not enough, one needs extra effort, lots of trust, an unquestionable faith, a gargantuan patience and  lots of prayers  to go through life.

Sometimes, when you are at your lowest ebb, you shout to the world, “What have I done?” And the echo gets back to  you, you pretend that everything is alright but still, there is that nagging feeling that it is never enough.

And when you are presented with life’s choices, just live each day as though it were your last.

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