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I am giving myself another chance to read Anne Tyler’s book, Breathing Lessons. I had this for more than a year now, another book  on my TBR (to be read) list, bought it for a song at National Book Store and attempted to read it when I was recuperating in the hospital last year.  I haven’t heard of Anne Tyler until this book came along and I am surprised that it is Time magazine’s Best Book of the Year and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1988, enough reason I guess to give it another try. Finished a chapter or two when I started it last year and found the first few pages a little boring. Well, I am still in Chapter 3 and the story is finally picking up.  One more go, one more try 🙂

I caught another episode of Kris TV this morning and they spent the whole hour focused on Kim Chiu’s new house. It is interesting though to see how the other half lives. Kim’s  bedroom is like one big condo unit and everything is so organized. This is getting addicting, watching Kris for the second time in a row. She’s back with all that wit and intelligent kind of questioning.  She could elicit laughter and tears . She is a natural when it comes to hosting morning talk shows. Good luck Kris!

A seminarian friend from Australia sent me an “ex endumentis“, a cloth relic of Blessed Elizabeth of Trinity, together with some devotional prayers. Thank you very much Dean for being so thoughtful.


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