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I love those moments between dawn and daybreak  –

the sounds of a new day, the smile of the morning sun, the feel of the gentle wind on my face. And slowly, the nocturnal music of the night becomes the  noise of the morning, the honk of school buses ready to pick up their student riders, the noise of motor vehicles always in a hurry to get to their destination and the bark of our four dogs, waiting to get out of the gate for a morning walk with the hubby.  I love the smell of  hot Pan de Sal  freshly bought from the bakery, the taste and aroma of a hot cup of coffee and the sizzle of  eggs in the frying pan to go with it.

I love those moments  that a typical day brings –

the silver hues of raindrops on the grass, the earthy smell,  the discovery of  new blooms in the garden which I  am always so excited to snap with my camera.  Simple things that may seem too mundane to others but these are the same things that make one’s day special.   There’s no use crying over spilled milk, is there? There’s no use  showing to the world that you carry its weight on your shoulders. Time is gold so they say , and  we hurry and forget to appreciate everyday blessings that come our way. We chase the day like there is no tomorrow and before we know it, it is gone and all we remember is the stress we experienced and so much work  left undone. When you begin to see, really see what the day has in store, there are outstanding moments that you get to appreciate more.

I love reflecting on life and love.

Yesterday, I had the chance to catch Kris Aquino on her new morning show called Kris TV. I read somewhere that she will be starting a new lifestyle talk show  but I  forgot all about it until yesterday. She may not be the darling of all but she surely is a welcome change, an articulate and intelligent show host, she makes sense, that is.  I loved her interview on the siblings (half-sisters) KC Concepcion and Garie Concepcion (Gabby’s daughter with Grace Ibuna).  The show was so alive with the three of them exchanging jokes and sharing about how the sisters found each other. KC, being the eldest spoke lovingly of her sisters.  If KC can sing, Garie can do better. They have beautiful voices.  Extended families could be fun too as long as there is no jealousy involved and they were well brought up by their respective mothers.

More on TV.

Hubby and I watched the Senate hearing on the former PCSO staff and officers this morning. I was  simply exasperated by the obvious and blatant evasion of answers, by a former manager. Is she hiding something or protecting a former boss?  Dodging the truth would not make you credible ma’am. You have an obligation to the Filipino people to tell the truth because being  a government employee,  you were paid by the people’s tax money. Misuse of PCSO intel funds?

I am glad ‘though to see a former colleague and a friend, Atty. Aleta Tolentino, a Board member and legal counsel of the present set-up of officers of PCSO.  I hope they would really get into the heart of the matter.  More poor people deserves the help that PCSO extends to them and should not be enjoyed by a chosen few who only use the funds for their own selfish ambition.

Tayo ba ay patungo sa matuwid na daan?

– yes, I think so, because slowly, everything is coming into the open, the corrupt practices of the previous administration and the gargantuan task of showing the people that this present government means business, corruption needs to be curved if not fully eradicated  because it is only in being transparent that you can bring back the Filipino people’s trust.


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