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Do you love Mondays? Or do you feel threatened by the start of another boring week? I went with hubby to Rapide to have our car checked before its renewal of registration at Land Transportation Office  tomorrow.  I don’t normally mind the nitty-gritty of  car maintenance as long as the ride is smooth and I don’t hear those strange sounds that go with an old car.  It’s weird but I actually enjoyed watching the car mechanics  change oil, replace spark plugs, change the transmission oil seal and have the car and engine cleaned after. It was a dirty job but I admired them all the more. It also takes specialized learning to be able to repair a car.

I had enough time to buy some groceries too since Super 8 is just few meters away from Rapide. Can you imagine yourself comparing prices, reading product labels and just happily spending the minutes taking a closer look at the different brands of shampoo? When you are not pressed for time, you can enjoy even this mundane task like doing the groceries.  It becomes something you would look forward to instead of just another item on your to-do list. Besides, shoppers are so few on ordinary days so you also have the luxury of being attended to by the supermarket staff.

Monday, sweet Monday!

Spent the afternoon having the longest siesta ever, two hours of uninterrupted sleep is such bliss.  These are rare and far-between so when there is an opportunity, I grab it, with  big thanks from above that this day is something special. And there are times when,I am  off to dreamland. I’ve always planned of jotting down notes on people, events and places I dream about, how come sometimes, I can’t remember the details of the dream when I wake up? I must be getting old really or just being forgetful of things that I should remember.

The day ended with a long phone conversation with a friend.  Thank God for Mondays.


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