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We are all excited. My daughter is getting married in a few  months. Last week, she received the Papal Blessing from Rome and we were awed by the simple words written in the certificate with a picture of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict  XVI.  She applied for it sometime last month  through the help of Fr. Louie, our priest friend who is based in Rome. He went to the Vatican to facilitate it. What a lovely way to start married life with the blessings of the Pope, no less.

The Roman Catholic Church offers blessings from the Holy Father for special occasions such as Baptisms, Confirmations, marriages, and anniversaries. These blessings come in the form of certificates where the name(s) is inscribed. Many people treasure these certificates as important symbols of sacraments and special occasions.


They got their wedding rings today and most of our topic is about the coming event. She will be  the first one to get married in the family (my side).  I just can’t help but reminisce  on my wedding  day thirty years ago. Back then, pre-nuptial pictorial  was unheard of.  I couldn’t even remember if the use of video camera was already in vogue that time because our wedding pictures were taken by an official photographer from our town.  Time has changed. Nowadays, you could edit photos a hundred times until you could come up with a good one. You could incorporate fancy shots in your wedding album.  Wedding preparations today are more elaborate  but one  has an  easy access on where to sort for reception venues, church and everything you need for the big event. You can hire a wedding coordinator if you are too busy organizing your own. I am glad my daughter chose to involve the family in the wedding preparations  and the wedding coordinator would only be needed on the day itself. We are all praying that it would not rain on her wedding day.  It’s definitely an event worth-waiting for.


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