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Courage is the most important of all virtues, because without it we can’t practice any other virtue with consistence-Maya Angelou
When you say that you are strong, are you being courageous?
Some people have this common mistake equating strength and courage. I believe that these are entirely two different things. Being strong is more on the physical aspect of the person while courage is an in-depth feeling of having the strength to go on despite all the setbacks and vicissitudes one encounters in life. You may be strong enough to face life’s ugly realities but when you don’t have courage to go on, it is impossible to face them. Life throws us something that sometimes we are not prepared to face.
I remember my journey as a cancer patient almost two years ago (hmm…I’ll be celebrating my second anniversary this coming July 14) and I can recall those times I was just out of chemotherapy sessions. A feeling of helplessness, a weak resolve to undergo another session,  but always with great faith that I would be well. It’s no easy way to adjust to a world where you are not even sure if the treatment is good for you or not. It’s natural to feel insecure when you are in such a predicament  – being so weak that you could not even hold a spoon or a glass of cold water without those seemingly electric  and numb sensations on your hands, and your arms won’t just cooperate for a day or two, it’s like they are completely detached from your body. Had I not been strong to face everything and courageous enough, I would not know where I’ll be now.
In the end, it always boils  down to having enough courage to face life and somehow having the strength to go on amidst trials. Strength, I may not often have, but courage, I have enough. Thank you Lord for giving me the courage to see that I am strong to meet and face what life throws my way.

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