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After so many days of non-stop rain and after typhoon Falcon finally left, our life isn’t back to normal yet. PAGASA said that the typhoon dumped rain waters in Metro Manila which is equal to two typhoons.  We feared the repeat of typhoon Ondoy two years ago so we were in tune on the latest news the last two or three days. Some areas in Marikina got flooded again and two days ago, the downpour created havoc in traffic in the metropolis.

The kids and I had to move our valuable things in a higher place for safety. We even have to park our car on a higher ground to avoid floodwaters. And the books, I need to rearrange them again and put them back in their proper shelves.

One thing I am grateful for, THANK GOD, we were spared from the wrath of typhoon Falcon.  And I commend Atty. Francis Tolentino, the head of MMDA for a job well-done. He certainly deserve a big round of applause . Last night, I heard him still visiting flooded areas as late as 12:30am and when I woke up at around 6am, he was on his feet again updating everyone with the latest news. Hats off to you sir.  You have restored my faith in our government.


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