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This is not exactly a review since I am only on the third chapter of the book.  Saving Fish From Drowning is my second read on Amy Tan, the first one being The Joy Luck Club. I was able to buy another book of hers  two years ago but it got flooded before I even started reading the first paragraph. I wonder how this book would fare to her other book that I have read. There are about more than 1,500 reviews on Goodreads, some of them so negative that one would never be encouraged to read it. It is a kind of challenge though to finish a book which most readers say is a waste of time to read. Let us see how things would go in the following days.

It’s been a while since I got hold of a good book and I mean, the past several months, I haven’t been updated  on reading.  Last January, I promised myself that I would read at least two books a month. As usual, it’s one more promise broken. My daughter brought home a copy of Jodi Picoult’s  Handle With Care but I don’t feel that much inclined to finish it soon. I’ve only read one other book of Picoult  and I find her subjects too depressing. They remind me of the days I was in the hospital and the days when my father underwent dialysis for six months before he passed on. One of these days, when I have time, I love to go to Booksale  at Metro East Mall, they have the best choice of fiction and non-fiction books which sometimes you could buy for a song.

Got to go, I’ll be starting Chapter 4 in a while.


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